Chimy's | Lubbock

31 July 2013

Just a block away from campus lies heaven on Earth; a place called Chimy's, where the beer is good but the margaritas are better. 

Chimy's is a Lubbock landmark. It's almost required that every Texas Tech student, over the age of 21, experience Chimy's at least once a week.

Countless memories take place in this bar. On multiple occasions I would walk straight from campus after class to meet up with my roommate, both of us still wearing our backpacks. We enjoy a good margarita after a long day. 

Since it is my last week in Lubbock, I wanted to be there with my younger sister, Morgan, for her first Chimy's experience. After talking with the bouncer, we were able to sneak her in. 

Just kidding, it's a restaurant during the day. Underaged people welcome. 

I'll miss this place so much!

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