The Joys of Packing

10 July 2013

Hello again.

In exactly four weeks, Lubbock, TX will be in my rearview mirror for the last time. Granted, I plan on visiting from time to time, but I know it will never be the same. Three years ago I took a chance and transferred to Texas Tech University. I can honestly say, without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions of my life. But how does one pack up 3 years of your life?

Things that I have learned while packing:
1) I am a complete control freak. I'm pretty sure this aspect of me has only gotten worse as I have gotten older. 
2) Not only am I a control freak, I'm a neat freak. The combination of these two personality traits has resulted in me using color coded boxes and printed out labels while packing. 
3) I bought a lot of useless crap throughout my college career. Between props for date parties and fraternity shirts, I have way too many things that will serve me no purpose in the real world. This is where Morgan, my little sister, comes in. Thankfully, she has been more than willing to 'spare me' of my useless items. She still has three more years of date parties, and you never know when you'll need a neon tutu. 

So, what happens in four weeks? I will be moving back home with my parents for a month before the BIG move across the pond. Luckily, it is completely normal for college graduates to move back home with their parents nowadays. Plus, I'm looking forward to a month of doing absolutely nothing before graduate school. 

I'm going to miss Lubbock and 211. But I'm ready to move on. 


Oh, and ignore the mess that is this blog at the moment. Trying to find a layout that I'm actually happy with has proven to be a difficult task. 

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