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23 September 2013

Since I am finally getting settled into my new city, it's time for me to pay a little more attention to this blog. I'm going to attempt to post 2-3 times a week. It may not happen, but it's worth a shot! That being said, I would like to introduce you to "Thoughts From Abroad": a weekly series. Once a week I will post 10 random thoughts, mostly pertaining to my experiences living abroad, as well as a picture that would not fit in a regular post. Let's jump right in, shall we?

1) When am I ever going to use a two pence coin? And why is it bigger than the £1?

2) Please choose a side to walk on. In America, everyone walks to the right of the sidewalk. It's just how things are. People occasionally walk to the left here, but 80% of the time it's a free for all. 

3) I miss Taco Bell.

4) Wilkison is a lifesaver. It's like Target, only without a clothing section. 

5) People in Bristol are so incredibly friendly. So friendly that I'm almost suspicious.

6) Park Street is the hill from hell. I have the pleasure of walking up it 3-5 times a day.

7) My roommates are geniuses in the kitchen. One of them, a girl from China, cooks every night for her 8-10 friends. EVERY NIGHT. She puts my microwaveable mac & cheese to shame. 

8) Cider + Cider + Cider = Good
Cider + Cider + Beer = Bad

9) I've been told my accent sounds Canadian and Irish. I understand why someone might mistake a Texan accent for a Canadian one, but Irish?

10) The Bristol International Student Centre is my new favorite place. It's a little house where the international students (and there are a lot of us) get together and have a traditional home cooked English meal. Tonight was Tuna Pasta Casserole and Apple Crumble with custard for dessert. The apples are hand picked from the tree behind the BISC house!

A view of Bristol from Clifton Suspension Bridge.
Bristol, you are amazing.
Happy Monday!


  1. Found you via Ifs, Ands & Butts.

    I'm from England, but now live in Germany and Wilkinsons is one of the things I miss most from home!

  2. Hhahahahahah I am glad to know that you are happy here :D Wont miss ur new post coming... ;)


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