Thoughts From Abroad | Part 4

25 October 2013

1) I'm doing something really exciting today! Like, REALLY exciting! Expect a post on it within the next few days!

2) I have unintentionally added afternoon tea to my daily routine. Afternoon tea is not just about the tea... It's also about the cakes. It has become an unconscious action where I somehow find myself in a coffee shop ordering a slice of cake almost every afternoon (fatty status here I come!). 

3) Did you happen to see my guest post on Visit Bristol? They put me on their blog, bless them. 

4) Bristol was recently named the best city to live in the UK! I completely agree.

5) I bought a sweater (or a jumper as the Brits say) with a penguin on it. That's right, be jealous.

6) I accidentally crashed boys night out on Tuesday. I am permanently scarred by the thoughts inside an English boy's head.

7) I finally have constant hot water in my shower! For the past month my shower routine has consisted of 2 minutes of hot water, 1 minute of cold water, followed by 2 minutes of hot water again (and repeat). My shower has somehow magically fixed itself, and I now have a solid 6 minutes of constant hot water!

8) I've been hoarding packets of porridge. You know, in case of a zombie apocalypse.

9) I think I have finally gotten the hang of crossing the street. Look right, THEN left.

10) I just wanted so say THANK YOU for reading my blog! Bristol in my Pocket has had some serious growth this past week, and it makes me happy on the inside! I've stumbled across an entire community of expat bloggers, and I can't thank them enough for helping out this little tiny blog of mine.



  1. I'm a new follower and I've been really enjoying your blog! I want to move to the UK sooner rather than later and I'd actually never considered Bristol, but now at least I remember it exists. ;)

    1. Thanks for reading! Bristol is amazing! I had never really heard about it until I got here!


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