Thoughts From Abroad | Primark and Hocus Pocus

05 October 2013

1) I applaud the women who walk up Park Street in heels.

2) The 1975 and a cup of tea is the perfect autumn combination.

3) It's October! Which means  it's perfectly acceptable to watch Hocus Pocus over and over again.

4) Primark will be the death of my bank account. I seem to accidentally stumble in on a weekly basis... Which is strange considering it's on the other side of town.

5) I still have not managed to have fish and chips while in England. Point me in the right direction Bristolians!

6) Classes have started which means I'm finally in a routine again! It's so nice to be busy with school work.

7) My fellow History MA students are awesome. Disco Thursdays are going to become our thing.

8) Have you seen this? A proposal and a wedding all in the same day! It's a really cute video if you have the time to watch it!

9) Seeing as I have no TV, I decided to buy all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl for my laptop. I'm already on Season 2.

10) I've been attempting to wake up and go for morning jogs. This morning I made it up Brandon Hill and to Cassie's Bench. So I love Skins? Judge me. The view is absolutely amazing.

Cassie's Bench


  1. Awesone! Both the jogging and the view.

  2. i find these really funny and interesting!:D
    maddie x

  3. I love the 1975! I agree with you on primark... it's so hard to resit the cheap prices! Ahh Cassie's bench, I LOVE skins. x

  4. Fish and Chips...ANY divey looking fish and chip shop will help you get your fix :)

  5. For fish and chips it has to be take away from Farrows on Wells Rd in Totterdown - so good! Otherwise quite a few pubs in town do decent fish and chips :)

    1. Thank you! I keep on hearing great things about Farrows!

  6. It's walking DOWN Park Street in heels that's the challenge! Especially after a beverage or two!
    As for fish and chips, if you have a car it's well worth travelling to Southmead Road for some chips from The Cod Almighty. It's not a nice area, and not one you're likely to stumble upon but if someone can take you there I think you'll be very happy. I also like this little place at the top of Horfield Road, near Cotham Road South which isn't far from where you go to uni, I think.

  7. Hey! Love your blog! I got amazing fish and chips at Clifton Village Fish Bar, so yummy!


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