Thoughts From Abroad | Part 7

15 November 2013

1) I'm starting to go into crazy busy mode. Between my essays, class, and work, I am one busy bee!

2) Starbucks is the international hangout. I run into at least 3 people I know from the Bristol International Student Center every time I go.

3) I have a little weekend trip to London planned in a few weeks! I haven't been to London since my very first week in England and I'm super excited to see it right before Christmas!

4) Thanksgiving is coming up! This will be my first Thanksgiving away from home, and I'm planning on going all out for it. I ordered quite a few American groceries off Amazon, so hopefully they aren't super sketchy! 

5) There's nothing wrong with eating alone. I feel like this is something most Americans would never think of doing. Eating alone in a cafe is the norm here, and it's actually quite pleasant.

6) I'm pretty sure my veins run with coffee now.

7) Most of the wine I drink is provided to me by professors. The English love a good bottle of wine during afternoon seminars.

8) The Primark jumper section is my second home.

9) I just found out a friend I met during my study abroad time is moving to England in January! I can't wait!

10) I finally managed to cook something (other than pizza) in my kitchen! I've been hesitant to cook just because I share a kitchen with 4 other people who are always cooking, but I need to stop eating out every meal. Thank goodness I brought the Davis Family Cookbook with me to England!

Happy Friday!


  1. Praise the lord for Primark sweaters, my saving grace!

  2. I remember my Thanksgiving in France. We had quite a fun time trying to reproduce recipes with only French ingredients. Plus none of us had ovens! I ended up making pumpkin pie shooters and they were surprisingly good!

    1. Haha, I can't imagine trying to cook a Thanksgiving meal without a oven!

  3. As much as I hate to admit it, Primark was one of my favorite destinations while studying abroad. I was actually lucky in that my card stopped working the weekend I was in London so I could only buy so much! Otherwise I would have walked home with half the store...


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