Thoughts From Abroad | Part 8

22 November 2013

1) Texas BBQ flavored Pringles. That's a thing here and it's awesome.

2) I have officially been to a speakeasy.

3) Christmas shopping has officially begun! Don't expect major gifts everyone, my suitcase can only be a limited amount of weight!

4) I'm constantly amazed by the opportunities presented to me here in Bristol. Just this month I've met with the editor of a history magazine and the executive producer of a TV production company. How crazy is that?!

5) Soup Wednesdays at the BISC are literally the best thing in this cold weather.

6) I have yet to try mulled wine. Maybe next week on my trip to London?

7) "Where are you from?"
"Houston, Texas."
"You don't have a very strong accent."

8) I'm finally a 'regular' at a cafe down the street.

9) A kid at work today asked me if I was American. I said yes. He proceeded to turn to his friend and say "I told you she was! You owe me 5 pounds!" Oh children.

10) Ahhhh, I can't think of a number ten! I'll leave you with a song.

(Sorry I don't have a picture this week! I'm pretty useless at the moment due to an exhausting day of work at the museum).

Happy Friday!


  1. Tonight we bought American BBQ and Sour Cream chips and they really are so much better than the ones labeled just BBQ! (ps I am in Sweden)

  2. lovely post! :)


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