31 December 2013

2013 was an amazing year.
Not only did I graduate from university, but I moved across the world to start my masters!
In honor of this amazing year, I thought I would share 2013 in review.

Before beginning my last semester as an undergraduate, my roommates and I took a cruise to Mexico. It was the 'last trip' we needed before our chapter at Texas Tech closed.

February consisted of school work and a few days of snow. 

I travelled with my parents to Boston, Salem, and Plymouth Rock. I fell in love with Boston and would love to visit again one day when it's warmer. 

At this point I was consumed with work to do before graduation. My roommate and I also made the 14 hour drive to Oxford, Mississippi to visit friends. 

I finally graduated with my degree in History and a minor in Education. I also hung out with the guys from The Wanted... again.

I was working as a full time car dealership receptionist most of the summer. I also had a minor accident with a gate after a big storm. Oops.

Between work and packing, I didn't have much time to visit my friends who had now moved away from Lubbock. Luckily, a small group of people were still in town for my going away dinner.  

I moved back into my parent's house in Sugar Land, Texas. After working full time for the entire summer, I was unsure to do with all my free time. I spent most of my days preparing for my big move to England. 

After over a year of preparation, I finally moved to Bristol! I knew absolutely no one, but quickly made friends once my masters program started later in the month.

I travelled to a tiny town in Somerset to help the history department with oral histories. I had never seen true English country before that trip. I was also interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol about this tiny little blog I have. How crazy is that?

I got a volunteer position at a local museum in the education department. I also took a day trip to Hereford where I had the opportunity to transcribe a medieval manuscript signed by Elizabeth I. Around this time I started seeing a boy (my now boyfriend) and we took a weekend trip to London together. 

I made day trips to Stonehenge, Salisbury, Wells, and Oxford before heading back to Texas for Christmas. 

This year has been absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me! Now I'm off for a little trip to San Antonio!

Happy New Year!

Thoughts From Home | Part 12

27 December 2013

I am taking a tiny break from blogging until my essay deadlines in two weeks, but don't fret! I'll still be posting, just not as frequently. 

I have been back in Texas for a little less than a week and already I have experienced a little reverse culture shock. It's amazing how 3 months abroad can change your outlook on home! So, instead of Thoughts From Abroad, this week is Thought From Home.

1) Everything in America is so big! The houses, the shopping centers, the portion sizes. EVERYTHING IS SO BIG!

2) I'm finding it increasingly difficult to work on my essays. It's hard to focus when you have access to a TV and BBC America is constantly playing Doctor Who!

3) I missed Tex Mex so much, it's not even funny. I would bathe in queso if I could. 
Too much?

4) It's so inconvenient having to drive everywhere! Why can't everything be within walking distance?

5) There's nothing like Christmas in Texas, however, I do miss Bristol!

Me and my sister. Obviously my skin hasn't seen the sun in 3 months. 

Happy Friday!

Oxford, England

23 December 2013

I'm back in Texas with a serious case of jet lag. I'm so happy to be home for Christmas!

For my last day trip before the holidays, I headed to Oxford. 
Ariana, a friend from my study abroad days, was in London visiting her boyfriend. We decided a few months back that we would meet up somewhere neither of us had been to for a day trip. However, we only picked our destination a short 24 hours before. 
Unfortunately, it happened to be the coldest day in England since my arrival 3 months ago. 

The weather didn't damper our spirits! We managed to walk the entire city and see some of the most beautiful sites!

Oxford was so beautiful! I'm so happy we managed to work in a little day trip.

This will probably be my last post before Christmas. I'm going to take a small break this week and focus on spending time with my family.

Merry Christmas!

Thoughts From Abroad | Part 11

20 December 2013

I leave for Texas at 7am tomorrow morning, and I'm trying my best to gather everything I need for the holiday. So instead of the typical list of 10 thoughts from my week, I thought I'd just update everyone on life lately. 

-I have a boyfriend. Yep, you heard me. I have a British boyfriend. We've been seeing each other for a couple of months now, but we decided to make if Facebook official a few days ago. And we all know it's not official until it's FBO.

-I'm finding it increasingly difficult to focus on my essays. In England, the teaching semester ends before winter break, but all your work is due after winter break. While I'm excited to go home, the January deadline for my essays mean I'll be spending most of my holiday in Starbucks working. 

-The majority of my suitcase is Christmas presents for everyone. Be grateful people, I have to carry this suitcase on a bus and two trains before I even get to the airport!

-I went to Oxford on Wednesday! I'll fill you in on everything once I'm back in Texas.

A preview of my trip to Oxford.
Happy Friday! 

Wells Cathedral | Wells, England

17 December 2013

Like my visit to Hereford, I went to Wells for a class trip to transcribe medieval manuscripts.
After about two hours of straining our eyes looking at medieval letters and charters in the Wells Cathedral archive, we were treated with an exclusive tour.

Wells Cathedral was built between 1175 and 1490. It was the first Gothic cathedral in England, and is located in England's smallest city.

Our tour allowed us access to the chained library, the upper balconies, and the roof. Although getting to the roof was no easy task (try climbing 250 spiraling steps in the dark) the view was absolutely amazing. 

"Started from the bottom now we're here" was obviously the theme of our climb to the roof.

Happy Tuesday!

Ps. It's that time of the year again! Go check out and donate to Project For Awesome!

Salisbury, England

15 December 2013

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Salisbury, England.
Like I said in my previous post on Salisbury Cathedral, I was not really excited about visiting. However, everything about this tiny English town was lovely and I would love to go back one day (possibly when it's warmer).

We only spent about 4 hours in Salisbury, but I absolutely fell in love with it's traditional English feel. 
We wandered around the busy streets, drank some mulled cider, and of course, hit up the Christmas Market.

I have a couple more day trips planned before I go back to Texas for Christmas.
What other trips should I plan for the spring?

Happy Sunday!