Thoughts from Abroad | Part 10

13 December 2013

1) It's my 3 month anniversary with Bristol! I'm falling more in love with this city every day. 

2) Why is it colder in Texas than it is in England right now? SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME (not that I'm complaining).

3) During the holidays, people go out to pubs dressed in the most amazing Christmas jumpers (sweaters). I love it!

4) I finally caught up on the Walking Dead. I just want to curl up in bed and cry myself to sleep. 

5) I've been introduced to Peep Show! Literally one of the most hilarious TV shows ever.

Although the title specifically says London, it pretty much applies to American expats living in any part of the UK. 

7) I have yet to try "prawns" in England. Yes, I know. Prawns are just shrimp. But the word prawn just freaks me out, okay?!

8) Mulled Cider... MMMMMMM.

9) I'm constantly playing the Michael Buble Christmas album.

10) Essays, essays, coffee, essays. Back to work!

St Nicholas Market

Happy Friday!


  1. Its always so fun sharing your thoughts about your new country! I think it also shows you how much your feelings have changed as time goes on. And the Michael Buble Christmas album, def on repeat in my house as well love it!

  2. Peep Show is the best and That Mitchell and Webb Look!!!

  3. haha, #2!
    i've never had mulled cider! (i feel like i should be saying that in a british accent). it sounds spectacular and so perfectly festive.

    loving your blog dear!
    love, taylor


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