Thoughts From Abroad | Part 9

06 December 2013

1) I'm so excited to go home in a couple of weeks! I would like to be welcomed at the airport with a bowl of queso and a large margarita.

2) The thing about American jokes here in England... They're actually pretty funny.

3) I swear, sometime I need a British translator.

4) Sweats are called trackies here.
No. Just no.

5) Dating someone who is also a history major is kind of awesome. I can actually take my time enjoying museums whenever we go!

6) I slipped and fell on my elbow walking down Park Street. That was fun. There's a possibility I might have fractured something, but ain't nobody got time for that. 

7) It's amazing how comforting shopping is. Topshop is a girl's best friend. 

8) Any productive writing must be done in Starbucks. Otherwise, I seem to get absolutely nothing done.

9) Sorry for neglecting my blog this week! Don't fret, I have a ton of amazing things coming your way this December, starting next week!

10) On a serious note, a year ago today I lost a wonderful sorority sister. The car May was in was hit by a drunk driver. She was only 19.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

My Theta family from left to right:
Ashley, May, Victoria, me, Ely, and Maddie.
2011 Big/Little Reveal


  1. I am not a Topshop fan, I think that stems from when I was overweight though. They are known for sizing coming up smaller and being cut for a certain type of frame. Maybe I will reinvestigate when I visit home in a week or so! :-)

  2. being welcomed with queso and a margarita would be my dream. I HATE the word trackies.

  3. 'Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.' This is such a lovely quote. I'm sorry for your loss - you look like a beautiful group of girls.

  4. Queso and a margarita,... that can be arranged!

    1. I'll mee y'all at Lopez!
      Safe travels Sara..
      Hugs, Julie

  5. How exciting you get to go home! It will be interesting to hear if you have any reverse culture shock!


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