Thoughts From Abroad | Part 27

25 April 2014

Welcome to Thoughts From Abroad, a weekly recap of the little things going on in my life in England!

  • Sorry for the lack of a 'Thoughts from Abroad' post last week! Lots of traveling = an unmotivated online Sara.
  • I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Mine consisted of rain, rain, and more rain. 
  • I managed to do the stupidest thing possible since I moved to England. I left my backpack on the train! Luckily, it was found and I was able to pick it up a few days ago!
  • There is a Obama Plaza being built in a tiny town in Ireland. There is also a giant billboard of Obama holding a Guinness. You know, why not? 
  • I've done my first ever boat pub crawl. Hopping from one pub to the next is always more fun when you have a boat as your main form of transportation for the night!
  • I have to give a dissertation presentation to a panel of professors next week. Yeah, I'm FREAKING OUT!
  • It kills me that I have to wait every Sunday to watch the new Game of Thrones episodes. Everyone knows the only way to watch a show is by watching one episode after another for hours upon hours.
  • I somehow came down with a sore throat and fever a few days ago. Nothing a little tea and bed time couldn't cure!
  • You know that viral video of the Southwest flight attendant with her hilarious safety feature monologue? I've been on a flight with her before! That whole crew was hilarious.
  • My Medieval Bristol class yesterday consisted of a tour of two medieval churches. Not complaining at all :)
  • New layout... again. I'm a very indecisive person! 

Happy Friday!

Meet Vicky!

Vicky is from a small town in Somerset, England. She moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia in August 2013 to spend the year with her Aussie boyfriend. 9 months later she is trying to apply to stay in Australia. She is "enjoying" the process of getting the visa application together whilst working, writing a newish blog about her adventures in Darwin, trying to be a photographer, spending time with the Aussie and her lovely new friends, and enjoying the sights and sounds of Darwin! She just needs to find a way to defeat the mosquitoes who call her lunch now!


  1. Good post as usual! Surely you are used to rain by now? :-)

    1. You would think so but not quite yet! Lol

    2. You will do eventually just like every Brit

    3. Though saying that my Spanish wife has been here for 11 years and still isn't used to it.

  2. Good luck with your dissertation presentation! I'm sure it will go well! x

  3. Best of luck with your presentation!

  4. Good luck with the presentation! God I hated doing that in college!

  5. I loved the old layout but I also love the new one lol I understand indecisiveness, I experience it frequently


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