Thoughts From Abroad | Part 32

06 June 2014

  • Today I'm going to London with J to visit some of his university friends and to also visit some archives. Yay for being productive on a little weekend getaway!
  • Made In Chelsea... Literally the most addicting thing ever.
  • I re-read The Fault in Our Stars since the movie comes out soon. Even though I knew what was coming I cried like a baby.
  • I finally got a haircut! My first ever haircut here in the UK, and damn, does it look good!
  • I officially have a summer job. While it doesn't start for a couple of weeks, and it's only part-time, I'm excited to be making a little bit of money so I can travel a bit this summer!
  • I will be moving out of the postgraduate dorms here in a couple of months! I'm so excited to finally have my very own place, even if flat hunting is stressful!
  • The sun has finally decided to come out again! Gotta love a SUNNY British summer.
  • Sorry this is such a short Thoughts From Abroad! I'm busy packing and making sure I have everything together for London this weekend!

Happy Friday!

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