Thoughts From Abroad | Part 36

04 July 2014

  • HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! I'll be celebrating with a drink or two with the lovely Bobbi
  • My life literally consists of work and dissertation work. Exciting right?
  • I had a five minute conversation with someone who thought my accent was Irish. Interesting...
  • Despite the fact that it's been beautiful and sunny, I miss the rain. It been cloudy a few days this week and all I want is a summer rain storm. 
  • Strawberry raspberry tea is my new favorite thing. 
  • I stumbled across "Tex-Mex" dips in Sainsbury's which consisted of guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and 'nacho cheese'. So I bought it with high expectations. Sadly, disappointed once again. 
  • I fell asleep during Star Wars last night. What is wrong with me? Obviously I've been working too much this week. 
  • Flat hunting... The struggle is real.

Happy Friday!


I am NaNa, the geek behind the blog Foreign Geek. I am the girl who wears a scrunchie, still in her PJs, typing frantically on MacBook at the local coffee shop. I mostly blog about my travels, living as an expat and life in between. My biggest goal is to experience, not just travel, the world. I wish to live as a local on different parts of the world for a few years before moving to another place.  This year me and my BFF plan to travel to a non predetermined destination, we plan to show up in the airport and book the next flight that will take us somewhere that doesn't require a visa.

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