An English Thanksgiving | Trying to Stay Positive

28 November 2014

This is my second Thanksgiving abroad. Although I hate not being able to see my family this holiday season, I am quite excited to continue my own traditions. This past year in the UK has been wonderful and I'm glad I get to share this special holiday with the friends who have been there for me through my crazy adventures.

I am thankful for the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me here in England. Having said that, it's hard to stay positive during this difficult time in my life right now. If you've noticed my recent absence/withdrawal from the blogging world, there is a reason. I'm going through some major difficulties in trying to stay in the UK. Ever since the completion of my Masters program I have been putting all my time and effort into finding a job to switch over from a student visa to a working visa. Anytime not spent looking for work is spent at my part-time job so that I can pay the bills. I wish it was as easy as applying for a job or two, getting an interview, and then landing a job. It's not. Visa requirements restrict the kinds of jobs I can apply for and no company wants to sponsor an expat with visa expiry date fast approaching. 

I love the life I have made for myself here in England. I want nothing more than to stay, start a career, and be with the person I love. But if things continue to go the way they are I'll be moving back to the states come January 24th. Kicking and screaming of course. Although my life is an 'open blog' I've been hesitant about posting my recent visa problems. Let's face it, it's not exactly a topic most people would want to read about. But the reality is I have less than two months to find a job or go home. And trust me when I say I am trying. 

So this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the time I have been blessed with here in England. Whether I have two months left or two years, I am glad I did pick up and move to a country where I knew absolutely no one. 

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. 

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