Party Like a Bad Mother Trucker | Dallas, Texas

06 July 2015

The best part about doing my undergraduate degree in the middle of nowhere Texas means I have friends all across the state. Whether it's Austin, San Antonio, Houston or Dallas, Texas Tech graduates are spread far a wide across Texas. I recently made the rather boring four hour drive from Houston to Dallas for a friends wedding. While I was only in Dallas for 24 hours, I was eager to see as many of my Dallasite friends as possible. 

Dallas is an interesting place to me. Not as big as Houston (Houstonians love to boast that fact), there are plenty of unique places to visit in Dallas' urban concrete jungle. One of my old college roommates met up with me in central Dallas for a day of eating and drinking before I headed to the wedding that night. You may remember Lauren from our adventures at Avebury and Stonehenge but that's beside the point. Knowing full well that I having a blogging agenda almost everywhere I go nowadays she decided to take me to the hip scene that is the Truck Yard. 

A restaurant, bar, and garden, the Truck Yard is a unique dining experience for locals and tourists alike. Located in Dallas' Uptown-Greenville neighborhood, the Truck Yard is an outdoor hang-out where the drinks are good and the food comes from your choice of the restaurant or three different food trucks. I decided to go with the southern classic burger and waffles. 

If you happen to be in the Dallas area, I highly suggest making an afternoon out of it. Check out the Truck Yard here

Happy Monday!

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