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22 October 2015

William Chris Vineyard

October is my favorite month for many reasons. Fall is in full swing, scarves become a part of my daily wardrobe, and pumpkin spice is practically sprinkled in the air. However, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE wine. And October happens to be Texas Wine Month. 

To celebrate, my mom and I headed to one of Fredericksburg's many wineries, William Chris Vineyards. Driving along 290, there are dozens of vineyards to chose from, however we made our selection through friend recommendations. Founded in 2008, William Chris Vineyards is located on a sprawling estate in the beautiful wine country. Reservations are required, but at $15 a person, you are getting a hell of a deal.

Upon checking in you are escorted to a tasting room where you are presented with a selection of five different wines. The friendly staff is more than happy to answer questions as they explain each wine and the history behind the bottle. After you've had your fair share of tasting, you can order wine by the glass or the bottle, along with a cheese or hummus plate (all at addition costs).

William Chris Vineyards is situated on an early 20th century farm. We spent the remainder of the afternoon outside on the deck, drinking, eating, and enjoying the view of the distant vines. To top it all off, there was even a live band!

Fredericksburg has a WIDE variety of vineyards to enjoy, however, if you're in the area I highly suggest visiting William Chris! The exceptional wine and friendly staff is above and beyond. Just remember to make a reservation!

Happy Thursday!

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