03 February 2016

Okay, don't hate me.

I know I said I was "back into the blogging spirit" in my last post, but I guess I lied. The truth is I've been busy. Busy with my job, busy with friends, and busy hosting my boyfriend for his first ever trip to visit me stateside! So instead of staying "consistent" like every blogger will tell you to do, I decided to hold off until I had some real CONTENT for this blog. New year, new blogger goals! I'm determined to bring y'all some amazing things in 2016. So lets get a few things out of the way before we jump into my monthly favorites.

As you may have noticed, things are a little different around here! My blog was in desperate need of a little TLC, and the lovely Bobbi helped me do it! I'm really excited about everything and I know it's going to help me take back control of MY blog. Blogging makes me happy, and I'm determined to blog whatever the heck I want to instead of desperately trying to come up with content I think will being more viewers.

Which brings me to 2016 travel. Yep, I have a LOT of things planned for the new year, but travel is going to be a big part of that. This blog has always been travel focused, but I really didn't take many trips this winter season. That is all going to change! I just got back from New Orleans and Oklahoma City, but I have lots more planned for the upcoming months. Chicago, Costa Rica, and San Diego just to name a few! Get excited, I know I am!

Okay okay, enough updates. Let's get to my monthly favorites, shall we?

Unicorn Horns | This may sound strange to anyone who isn't a totally Lush addict like I am. Lush recently just came out with all their Valentine's Day things and the Unicorn Horn just happens to be my FAVORITE bubble bar of all time. I literally bought 5 on the first day and I'm not even ashamed.

Amy Winehouse | I recently went through a musical funk where all I was listening to was the crap on the radio. Okay, it's not all crap but I'm so tired of "throwing my hands in the air". One day, while in the bath with a glass of wine (just a normal Thursday really for me) I decided to watch Amy. Her life and her music are just so fascinating! Watching that documentary really helped me get back into the grove of listening to good music again. 

Iced Coffee | I know Winter is in full force in some parts of the worlds (I'm looking at you Northeast) but here in Texas it is B-E-A-utiful. Seeing as I am spending a lot of days outdoors, iced coffee has been my drink of choice lately.

Mardi Gras Season | It's easy to get into the Mardi Gras spirit after a few days in the Big Easy. New Orleans was dressed in it's finest, making me really excited for this year's Mardi Gras.

What have been some of your favorites recently?? 


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  1. I found "Amy" heartbreaking- I definitely cried my way through the last few minutes. I'm excited to read about all your upcoming travels! X


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