Texas Tech

30 July 2013

Seeing as it is my last week in Lubbock, I decided to walk around campus one last time. And guess what! I actually managed to bring my camera! Yay me!

Welcome to Texas Tech University.

Holden Hall
During my three years at Tech, the majority of my classes were held in Holden Hall. This building is notorious for being either Antarctica or Hades. 

Holden Hall

The Administration Building
The Administration Building is the oldest building on campus. It houses offices for the President, Chancellor, and other important people. 

Memorial Circle
Murray Hall
My first year at Tech I lived in Murrary Hall, a upper classmen dorm. I lived in a 'Transfer Student Hallway', which allowed me to make friends with other transfers such as myself. 

Murray Hall

One of my favorite things about Tech is the opportunity to discover something new. On my walk I discovered a secret garden, hidden next to the Experimental Sciences Building. In the three years I had been here, never once had I noticed the garden tucked away. 


Education Fountain
One of my favorite places on campus is the Education Building fountain. Besides Holden Hall, the Education building was my second home. Being an education minor was pretty fun. We did a lot of coloring. 

Education Building

The Barn
When walking on campus, it's easy to forget you are still in West Texas. The Barn, located in the center of campus, is a reminder of Tech's Western roots. When Texas Tech first opened, the Barn was used to collect cattle and livestock in exchange for tuition. If you ask me, that sounds like a pretty damn good deal. 

Four Sixes Barn
Texas Tech is also home to the National Ranching Heritage Center. This center is focused on the preservation of over 40 structures, all moved from their original place to the Texas Tech campus. Some of these structures include one of the oldest schoolhouses in Texas, as well as my personal favorite, the Four Sixes Barn. 6666 Ranch was founded in 1868, and soon became the largest cattle ranch in all of Texas. It is still in existence today, however, one of their barns was donated to Texas Tech, and is now used for ranching education.

The International Culture Building
And lastly, the International Building. This is where I first learned about studying abroad. Props to Texas Tech for caring so much about other cultures. Without them, I wouldn't be the crazy Texas girl obsessed with everything British. How depressing would my life be?

46 days until I move to England!


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