Relentless optimism paired with too much caffeine. It's the recipe for my my life. Born and raised in Texas, I had a craving for something more than white picket fences at a very young age. Texas is what made me who I am, but exploring the world has defined me ever since.

I did what most people advised me not to: get a degree in history. I spent my college years at Texas Tech before moving overseas. History took me to England, where I studied kings and queens and somehow ended up with a Masters Degree on the subject.

But all fairytales must come to an end. I found myself back in Texas restless and unsure about it all. It took me awhile, but I finally found the perfect balance in life. I inspire students to become inquisitive about the world around them through my job as a high school teacher.

I began sharing my adventures on this blog after my move to England. It was a failed attempt to keep my family updated on my life abroad. As it turns out, my family didn't read all that much of my blog but quite a few strangers did. This little space is ever changing and ever growing, just as I am. So please excuse me if the utter mess that is my life finds its way into the blogosphere.