Habourside Market | Bristol

29 September 2013

Having lived in Bristol for two weeks, I figured it was about time to walk around one of the many local markets. The Harbourside Market, a Saturday and Sunday market, was having a special brunch theme today, showcasing local cuisine. I, of course, was all over that.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a Mexican taco stand. I had tried some local Bristol Mexican food previously, but nothing had been up to par with the foods I love back home. El Greengo, however, satisfied all my Mexican food cravings. Owned by two part time teachers, El Greengo's taco stand is a regular at all Bristol markets. I made sure to immediately follow them on twitter so I know when and where they'll be next.

The El Greengo's menu was completely vegetarian. This, of course, works out perfectly for me as I am a pescatarian. They were incredibly friendly people and I look forward seeing them again in the future. 

I loved browsing through the many book stands along the market. Seeing as I have no TV and have no intention of getting one, I bought a few books to read for my entertainment.

The whole point of markets are to eat as much as possible, right? Yay for homemade churros!

Today was such a beautiful day for my first Bristol market experience! I can't wait to make this a Sunday tradition. 

Wanderlust Wednesday | History

25 September 2013

Today I have linked up with True Colours and other travel bloggers by participating in Wanderlust Wednesday! This month's topic is something that I happen to be an expert on (literally, I have a degree in this): History.

In my opinion, history and travel go hand in hand. Neither is as important without the other. 
How can you possibly understand history without seeing its impact on the world? 
How can you travel without understanding the importance of your destination's past? 

For those of you who are new to my blog, I have just recently moved across the Atlantic to pursue a Masters degree in History. Bristol is a wonderful city and I am enjoying life as an expat here in England. That's why I decided to pick up my camera and share with you the history of one of Bristol's oldest buildings.

It's hard to miss Bristol Cathedral. Located just a block away from my flat, the cathedral stands tall on College Green watching over all the students and locals who relax on the grass.

The original structure of Bristol Cathedral was built around 1140, however, little remains of that building today. Parts were added on throughout the years until construction stopped in 1539, an attempt by Henry VIII to minimize the power of the Catholic Church in England. The English Reformation was a difficult time for churches throughout England, as practices and laws were ever changing. In 1542, the church was named a cathedral by Henry VIII, under the new Church of England. Construction continued with major renovations taking place in the late 19th century. The structure that stands today was completed in 1888.

During my time as an undergrad, I spent over a year studying the English Reformation and the events leading up to it. This building is a beautiful representation of the history I have spent so long learning.

I'd like to thank True Colours and Lost in Travels for featuring my blog, as well as all the new readers I have gained this past week! I'm still settling in, and will start to blog on a more regular basis once I feel a bit more comfortable with my new city!


True Colours

Thoughts From Abroad | Two Pence Coins

23 September 2013

Since I am finally getting settled into my new city, it's time for me to pay a little more attention to this blog. I'm going to attempt to post 2-3 times a week. It may not happen, but it's worth a shot! That being said, I would like to introduce you to "Thoughts From Abroad": a weekly series. Once a week I will post 10 random thoughts, mostly pertaining to my experiences living abroad, as well as a picture that would not fit in a regular post. Let's jump right in, shall we?

1) When am I ever going to use a two pence coin? And why is it bigger than the £1?

2) Please choose a side to walk on. In America, everyone walks to the right of the sidewalk. It's just how things are. People occasionally walk to the left here, but 80% of the time it's a free for all. 

3) I miss Taco Bell.

4) Wilkison is a lifesaver. It's like Target, only without a clothing section. 

5) People in Bristol are so incredibly friendly. So friendly that I'm almost suspicious.

6) Park Street is the hill from hell. I have the pleasure of walking up it 3-5 times a day.

7) My roommates are geniuses in the kitchen. One of them, a girl from China, cooks every night for her 8-10 friends. EVERY NIGHT. She puts my microwaveable mac & cheese to shame. 

8) Cider + Cider + Cider = Good
Cider + Cider + Beer = Bad

9) I've been told my accent sounds Canadian and Irish. I understand why someone might mistake a Texan accent for a Canadian one, but Irish?

10) The Bristol International Student Centre is my new favorite place. It's a little house where the international students (and there are a lot of us) get together and have a traditional home cooked English meal. Tonight was Tuna Pasta Casserole and Apple Crumble with custard for dessert. The apples are hand picked from the tree behind the BISC house!

A view of Bristol from Clifton Suspension Bridge.
Bristol, you are amazing.
Happy Monday!

Harry Potter Studios

18 September 2013

If you know me well enough, you know that Harry Potter is a major part of my life. I read the first book when I was 10 and twelve years later I still have a wonderful obsession with the series. 

While in London, my mom and I were dying to take a trip to the Warner Brothers Studios. After managing the underground and the overground (not so effortlessly), we somehow made it just in time for our ticket slots. 

If you are planning to take a trip to see the studio for yourself, I highly encourage you to NOT scroll on. It is an experience that everyone should enjoy to the fullest on their own :)

On another note I am back in Bristol! School doesn't start for a couple of weeks so I plan on using this time to explore my new city!

England, I love you, but I'm cold. How do you even work a radiator? 

Hello Bristol!

15 September 2013

I have officially moved to England!
Bristol is beautiful... and cold. But mostly beautiful. Everyone is so friendly and more than happy to fill me in on all the cool places to go in the city!
For the past two days all we've done is travel and get things for my flat, so I haven't been bringing my camera around.
Tomorrow my mom and I leave for a mini trip to London before she goes back to Texas!
More pictures to come of London, Bristol, and all things British! But for now, here are a couple of pics of me and my new city!

Question of the day: Is the top picture the inside of my university or the inside of Hogwarts? You be the judge.


The Map

09 September 2013

As of today "The Map" is up and running! 

What is The Map? 
The Map is a cool place where you can see a visual representation of where I've been! It's still a bit of a working progress, but don't be afraid to check it out! I'm pretty darn proud of it!

You can also easily access it at the top of my Home page.

4 days until the big move! I suppose I should start packing...