Kensington Palace | London, England

31 July 2014

 Our trip to Kensington Palace happened by complete accident.
During our 24 hour stay in London for archive research, J and I did a fair bit of wandering around (obviously for the sake of our sanity). We found ourselves in Kensington, a place neither of us were too familiar with. Within minutes we were walking past Kensington Palace. Despite the fact we decided not to go inside (tickets are 14 pounds and let's face it, we're cheap students), we took full advantage of the free gardens and sites surrounding the palace. 
Kensington Palace was built in 1605. It was then purchased by the royal family in 1689, thereupon expansions began. The palace is famous for being the birth place of Queen Victoria, and being heavily bombed during WWII. Kensington Palace is now the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry.
J is becoming notorious for his back photos, wouldn't you say?

Happy Thursday!

What royal palaces have you been to?

London Flowers

29 July 2014

A few days ago J and I embarked on a spur of the moment trip to London for some archive research. Despite the fact I was only in London for 24 hours, I managed to snap over a hundred photos (and I'm not sorry at all)! It was an absolutely perfect short trip. Expect a few more London posts this week! For now, lets all just take a moment to appreciate the flowers in London. 

Happy Tuesday!

The Tea Birds | Bristol, England

26 July 2014

After a long day in the library, I was in desperate need of some sugar and a cup of tea. I had visited the Tea Birds once before and absolutely loved it. That was months and months ago however, and a visit to this lovely vintage tea room was well overdue.
The first thing that grabs your attention is the amazing vintage decor and music. I mean, who doesn't want to drink tea off mismatching vintage china while being serenaded by Elvis? The atmosphere is relaxing, girly, and oh so precious. 
Celebrating its one year anniversary this upcoming November, the Tea Birds is independently owned and operated by two Bristol locals, Anna and Jodie. The location of the Tea Birds on busy Park Street makes it an ideal location for the visitor or local. The most appealing thing of all? The Tea Birds is reasonably priced! For 4 pounds you can enjoy a Sweet or Savory Tea, and for 12 pounds you can go all out and get a full Afternoon Tea! Not to mention, the cupcakes are 2 pounds or less!
Do I recommend visiting the Tea Birds? Absolutely! In fact, I have just recently added it to my Bristol Travel Guide! So if you're in the Bristol area, why not stop by?

Happy Saturday!

St. Andrew's, Scotland | Travel Guide

23 July 2014

St Andrew's is a quiet town tucked away on the coast of Scotland. It's a beautiful escape full of some of Scotland's most fascinating history! Founded in the 11th century, St. Andrew's was predominately town of worship and pilgrimage as it was believed the bones of St. Andrew were buried somewhere nearby. After the Scottish Reformation, the town fell into ruins. It was only until the 19th century that St. Andrew's began to grow again. Today, St. Andrew's is most famous for being the "home of golf", as well as the meeting place of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I visited St. Andrew's on a chilly day in June 2011. I only had a few hours in this wonderful town, so I decided to make the most of it. All sites and restaurants listed below are places I personally visited. I do not recommend places or services until I have experienced them for myself.


Website | Location
Admission - £4.50
Original constructed in the 12th century, St. Andrew's Cathedral is located on the edge of the small town. The cathedral lies mainly in ruins, however, you can climb the 10th century tower which offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Individual tickets for the cathedral are £4.50, but can also be purchased with admission to St. Andrew's Castle for £7.20. 

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Admission- £5.50
Located near St. Andrew's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Castle is a 10th century structure which lies in ruins. The castle itself is situated directly next to the coast, allowing a spectacular view of the sea. The castle mines are also a fun place to explore, if you're willing to explore dark small spaces! Individual tickets are £5.50, unless purchased with St. Andrew's Cathedral for a total of £7.20.

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The Old Course at St. Andrew's is one of the world's first golf courses. Beautifully located along the coast, the course is home to the British Open. The course is perfect for a photo opportunity, but do not walk on the actual course as people are always golfing!


Located conveniently near the major sites of St. Andrew's, North Point Cafe is a perfect spot for breakfast/brunch. It was also a usual coffee spot for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their university days. The cafe is small, but the prices are reasonable.
Suggested Dish: Full English breakfast

Views from the M Shed

21 July 2014

The M Shed is an interactive museum showcasing Bristol's fascinating history.
I had been inside the MShed once before, but only for a university postgraduate welcome party. As I was mainly concerned about making friends and free champagne that night, I didn't bother to look around the exhibits much. On this particular visit however, I was completely blown away with how much the museum had to offer. From Rome to WWII, the M Shed cleverly provides its guests with Bristol's amazing history. I was especially impressed by the bits and pieces about individual Bristol neighborhoods. After strolling through the two main (free) exhibits, J and I found ourselves on the top floor patio. I obviously couldn't help myself from snapping away.

Happy Monday!

Castle Park & the Harbourside

17 July 2014

After spending 20 hours in the library and 20 hours at work this week, I was in desperate need of a little break. These relaxed days have been hard to come by lately. So, I spent the day wandering around parts of Bristol I hadn't really explored yet! It was just what I needed for a little relaxation. 

Happy Thursday!