A Galveston Summer

28 June 2018

About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting the Galveston Visitor and Convention Bureau team. They were SO incredibly lovely and I had an amazing time hanging with them and exploring Galveston Island. I was lucky enough to be invited to another fun filled day on the island and I knew this was something I couldn't pass up!

After joining up with a few other bloggers, we had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel Prusmack, a local artist. Gabriel showed us some of his favorite pieces around the streets of downtown Galveston. I am a huge fan of street art, you can even read one of my posts about it when I was living in Bristol, home of Banksy. However, I had never really seen any street art in America that compared to the incredible art that lined the streets of Bristol. Gabriel opened my eyes to the world of Galveston's art scene. I was completely blown away by the backstory and dedication of these local artists. If you love to enjoy a city through its local art, take a walk through downtown Galveston. 

Our next stop was Moody Gardens. For native Houstonians, Moody Gardens is the welcoming site you see as you cross over the giant bridge that separates the mainland from the island. The three pyramids, each with their own unique attraction, tower over the skyline as you make your trek to Galveston. After a $37 million dollar renovation, we were excited to see the Aquarium Pyramid in all its new glory.

It had been years since I had visited Moody Gardens. I remember my mom taking me and my sister on trips as a kid. The Aquarium Pyramid was always my favorite, and inside I always found myself wanting to find the penguin exhibit. On this day one of my childhood fantasies came true. I was about to meet a penguin.

Burges is one of the oldest penguins in the exhibit. As we all sat and watched him waddle in I couldn't believe it. Not only was I meeting a penguin, but he was going to paint us a picture too!

It's hard to top meeting a one eyed penguin, but our day was not over yet. Our last stop was to Pleasure Pier. Not many people know about the long history of Pleasure Pier and Galveston. Built in the 1940s, Pleasure Pier was originally used as a recreational facility for military members. After the war it was opened to the public, but shortly after a hurricane swept in leaving it deserted and destroyed. In the decades that followed it served as America's only hotel built entirely on water, only to once again be destroyed by a hurricane in 2008. It opened again as a place of fun and recreation in 2012 and has been a Galveston favorite every since.

Galveston remains a city that I cherish. No matter how many times I visit, I am always learning something new. Its history as one of America's leading cities means there are vast amounts of things to see and do. If you find yourself in Houston or are just looking for something new to do this summer, check out Galveston.com. They will be happy to recommend something, no matter what kind of trip you are in the mood for. 


Freedom Trail | Boston

27 June 2018

When visiting Boston there is no shortage of things to do. From shopping to eating Boston is full of wonderful places to explore. However, it's not easy to visit Boston without visiting a few historical attractions. The Freedom Trail is the best way to step back in time and discover some of Boston's most historic sites!

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile long walk that leads you to 16 historical sites. You can either join in on an official walking tour or go at your own pace. The trail is so easy to follow; all you have to do is  follow the red bricked road!