Sublime Sushi | Chicago

29 February 2016

Chicago is a city famous for pizza, hot dogs, and popcorn. Having tried pretty much all of those within our first 24 hours, my friends and I were craving something a little different. Enter the hip and trendy neighborhood of Lincoln Park. We strolled around looking through the windows of the many restaurants (most of which did not open until 2pm). Finally, spotting a place that was in fact open, we went inside.

Sublime Sushi didn't look like much at first. Being the only people in the restaurant around noon on a Saturday left us all a little skeptical. However, after speaking to the excited waitress, we learned they had only opened a few days previously and were still trying to establish themselves in the area. The menu was vast, offering every kind of sushi under the sun. We each went for a different option. Our food was delicious, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere was to die for. 


24 Hours in Chicago + A Travel Vlog

24 February 2016

People often ask how I am able to travel. 
It's easy really. 
Even though I work a full time job, travel has become a huge priority in my life. 
I focus my savings and my time around it.
Lets just say 2016 has become my self proclaimed "year of travel". 

My friend and I decided to visit an old friend in Chicago this past weekend. We had 24 hours really. One night in Chicago, one in Indiana (where my friend lives), and then back home. So we immediately began our action pack 24 hours in the Windy City. 

I learned pretty quickly that Chicago is the classic American city. It was a city I knew well without ever visiting before. There were so many sights that I had seen in movies or read about in books, but I realized quickly I didn't know much about the city itself.

A fairly young city, Chicago was officially founded in 1833 by a handful of US settlers. It quickly grew as a city of trade with the introduction of steamboats and trains. However, all of Chicago's progress was quickly halted by the Great Fire of 1871. Most of the city was destroyed, allowing for a new kind of city to emerge: one of architecture marvels. The city grew UP and OUT. By 1900 the population of Chicago had grown to almost 2 million. 

There are so many things to do in a 24 hours time period. We started the day off early at the Bean, before ice skating at Millennium Park. Zooming across town we strolled around Lincoln Park Zoo before seeing the sights at Navy Pier. We even rented a couple of bikes and mastered the art of cycling in a big city!

A little piece of the Alamo all the way in Chicago :)

Chicago Culture Center | Free
The Bean | Free
Ice Skating in Millennium Park | $12
Lincoln Park Zoo | Free
Renting a Bike | $9.95 + additional fees for time
Navy Pier | Free 

I recently purchased a GoPro and decided to test it out in the Windy City. Let me know what you think of the whole "travel vlogging" thing! Click HERE for the video, or watch it below. 


St. Roch Market | New Orleans

17 February 2016

There are some places I stumble across by accident. There are other places, however, that you must set out on a mission to find. St. Roch Market was a little bit of both.

I first discovered St. Roch Market by accident through Instagram. After drooling over pictures of oysters and gumbo for weeks, I decided Jon and I needed to try this place for ourselves. We set off for what can only be described as a trek through New Orleans. Through the French Quarter, past Frenchmen Street, up Marigny, and across a highway or two sat the beautiful building that held St. Roch Market. 

Originally built as an open air market in 1875, St Roch Market went through several renovations in the 20th century. In 2005 it was left in ruins after Hurricane Katrina, until finally restored in 2015 as an open restaurant market. Today there are 12 different vendors to chose from, all run by local entrepreneurs. From oysters to gumbo to Korean to a full service bar, St Roch Market has everything to fill your cravings. We spent our afternoon sipping on drinks and slowly trying as much food as our stomachs would allow. 

St. Roch Market can be reached by foot, but be prepared for a 30 minute stroll through the some backroads and neighborhoods. Don't forget to come hungry. There are so many options to chose from you'll want to try a little bit of everything!

Shrimp & Grits, Red Beans & Rice, and Gumbo Sampler | King Creole 

Open Daily
7AM - 11AM Limited Breakfast Service
11AM - 9PM Lunch and Dinner
Open until 11PM Saturday & Sunday


New Orleans Through My iPhone

10 February 2016

Flying over the Houston channel, a book in my lap, I couldn't help but feel excited. My boyfriend, who I hadn't seen in four months, sat to my left. It was his first trip to visit me since I moved back stateside, and I wanted to show him all the beauty of the American South.

New Orleans was our destination. 

I had been many times previously. Since my last visit back in May it has held a special place in my heart. There is nowhere in the world like New Orleans, and a romantic getaway was just what we needed. 

I wish I could say I was being a "good blogger" this trip. A year ago I would have held my camera firmly in my hand, snapping away furiously. This trip however, I left the camera in the hotel and opted to carry a book instead. It was nice really, to go somewhere without worrying about what I would blog about. However, I did snap just enough pictures on my trusty iPhone to share with y'all. 

Pat O'Briens, Stanley, Frenchman Street, live music, and some damn good food. New Orleans is an amazing place. Although I don't have many posts to give y'all this past trip, I will ALWAYS recommend New Orleans as a good idea.