29 March 2016

Is it already almost April? How did that happen?! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend. Whether you were eating chocolate or enjoying the beautiful weather, this past weekend was a perfect way to end the first month of Spring. So what have I been enjoying this month?


+ Jazz | A couple of months back Jon and I were wondering the streets of New Orleans when we came across a band set up on the street. Normal for New Orleans really. We were actually so impressed with this little street band that we bought a CD. The band's name was Tuba Skinny and they have since become a regular in my 2009 Mustang. I have found myself listening to jazz a lot more because of it! 

+ Costa Rica | Wow. I mean WOW. Costa Rica was one of the most beautiful tropical destinations I've ever been to. Only a 3 hour and 45 minute flight from Houston, it was quick, easy, and everyone was EXTREMELY friendly.

+ Rodeo Houston | So this isn't anything new, but the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show pretty much takes over the city for the month of March. I only managed to get down there once this year, but it's always a blast.

+ Don't Look at Me | Aka, the most amazing face mask by Lush. Y'all know I am no stranger to Lush products, but for some reason I had never tried this particular mask! Think the scent of fruity pebbles in a moisturizing bright blue tub. Love it love it love it.

+ Google Flights | What are some of your favorite travel sites? I have recently discovered Google Flights and I'm hooked! I love the simplicity mixed with various searching options.


+ If you don't use Annie's wonderful to do lists, you totally should. They're organizing my life and I love it.

+ Planning a trip to Europe? Margo has got you covered! I am just loving her Escape Guides this month!

+ In case you missed it, I went to Costa Rica! We did a lot of amazing things, but the coolest was our Canyoneering Adventure! Make sure to check out the VLOG too!

+ Looking for someone to sponsor this April??? I've got a couple spots still available! You can find all the details are here.

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What are some of your monthly favorites?

Laguna de Arenal In Pictures | Costa Rica

24 March 2016

Sometimes it's easy to forget the feeling of a warm sun shining down on your skin. As winter came to an end I was eager to go somewhere tropical. Although it has not been necessarily 'cold' in Texas, the grey and gloomy days were starting to drag. 

Costa Rica was everything I hoped it would be. Beautiful, exciting, and most of all hospitable. We traveled around the country for 5 days, but one of the most unique and breathtaking moments was our trip across Laguna de Arenal. With the volcano fading in the distance, we took a ferry across the great lake on what can only be described as the perfect day. 


Canyoneering | Costa Rica

19 March 2016

I would like to think I am a physically fit person. I work out on a semi regular basis and try to eat healthy. It was obviously however that my so called 'strength' was put to the test when we began our first adventure in Costa Rica, canyoneering in Lost Canyon. 

Let me back up for a moment. As I mentioned before, my friend Meagan and I decided to book our entire Costa Rican adventure through a travel agency called Desafio. After reading some AMAZING reviews online, we decided to make an inquiry. We emailed our agent back and forth for a couple of days before setting up a call to finalize the details. She knew exactly what we wanted. Beach day? Done. White water rafting? Done. When she asked if we would be interested in 'canyoneering' I said "SURE! Why not?!" without really understanding what it was. In my head, I was picturing us driving by a canyon and snapping a few photos. Then I Googled what canyoneering was and my jaw dropped. We had just signed up to rappel down waterfalls. 

When the bus came to pick us up on the morning of our canyoneering excursion, I have to admit I was nervous. We were geared up and given a quick demonstration of how to rappel. Seemed easy enough? Maybe I could do this!  Turns out canyoneering isn't the easiest of sports, but with the help of our guides I quickly got the hang of things!

The canyoneering adventure with Desafio was amazing. Not only were we rappelling down waterfalls, we were hiking through the beautiful Costa Rican jungle! They even threw a surprise or two in as well (which you can watch in my vlog below). If you are thinking about planning a trip to the La Fortuna area in Costa Rica, I highly recommend looking this amazing company up!

It was amazing to realize what I was capable of doing! 

Now I know I was a little late on the Costa Rican vlog, but better late than never! The vlog includes our Canyoneering and White Water Rafting through Desafio. Everything else I'll explain another day!

Have you ever done something completely out of your comfort zone when traveling?

Pura Vida | Life in Costa Rica

16 March 2016

There's a saying in Costa Rica which all locals live by.
PURA VIDA, which translates literally to pure life. Pura Vida is not only a saying, it's also a philosophy. It's the belief that all people should live simply, carefree, and full. The life you live should not be taken for granted. When my friend and I deboarded our plane in San Jose, we were immediately greeted with Pura Vidas from everyone we met. Little did we know how much this simple phrase would impact our trek around Costa Rica, 

In recent years, Costa Rica has become a popular destination for Americans and Europeans alike. For us, we chose Costa Rica as our destination purely because it was an exotic country that was easy for us to get to (less than 4 hours direct by plane). We really didn't know much more than what Pinterest told us. It was, so to speak, our least planned vacation. So we enlisted the help of Desafio, a Costa Rican travel and adventure agency. We told them where we wanted to go, and they planned the rest! From hotels to transportation to tours, our entire vacation was in the hands of this competent agency. 

So what did we actually do? I guess the better question is what DIDN'T we do? We visited waterfalls, repelled down canyons, swam in hot spirngs, white water rafted, zip lined, and even had time to lay on a beach for an afternoon.

I can easily say I fell in love with this amazing country. Although our trip was fairly short (just four nights), I feel like we really managed to see some of the most beautiful sights Costa Rica has to offer. We did a LOT of traveling, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

San Jose to La Fortuna | Travel time 3 hours
La Fortuna to Monte Verde | Travel time 3 hours
Monte Verde to Manuel Antonio | Travel time 4 hours
Manuel Antonio to San Jose | Travel time 3 hours

I do apologize for all the iPhone photos. We were so active and doing so much I barely had a chance to pull out my camera. Not to worry! Many more pictures and videos to come! 

What are some sayings around the world that have really stuck with you?

Chicago Cultural Center

11 March 2016

There was a period in time when American architecture was a form of art. Every single tile and every single window was laid perfectly in place to construct a beautiful piece of work. The buildings would tell a story, written in the walls in the forms of arches and columns. It's hard to come by these type buildings nowadays in America (thanks to the popularized idea of "rebuilding the old" in the 1970s and 80s). The late nineteenth century has been nearly written out of history in many parts of the country. However, tucked away on a street just across Millennium Park in Chicago sits one of the most beautiful examples of American Renaissance architecture I have ever seen. 

The fire of 1871 had nearly destroyed Chicago completely. Within years eager architects had begun projects far and wide to rebuild this fast growing city. Donations from around the world came flooding in to restore Chicago's promise, some of which came in the form of books. Queen Victoria even donated books to the city of Chicago shortly after the fire. The need for a library became apparent and by 1897 the building was finally complete. 

The library was designed in both Roman and Greek style. Along the walls are dozens of quotes in different languages about books and libraries. The stained glass dome is the largest Tiffany dome in the world. Every room was designed meticulously, giving every visor almost too much to look at.

Today, the library is now a cultural center. Free to visit, the building now houses exhibitions, performances, and private events. Although it is one of the most visited attractions in Chicago, upon entering you feels as if you have found a hidden gem. 

Admission | Free
Hours | Monday - Thursday 9AM - 7PM
Friday & Saturday 9AM - 6PM
Sunday 10AM - 6PM

What are some of your favorite buildings around the world?