Thoughts From Abroad | Part 19

21 February 2014

1) A 1217 copy of the Magna Carta has left its home in Hereford Cathedral to spend six months in a Houston, Texas museum I used to volunteer for! How cool! It is the second known time to ever leave the cathedral!

2) Working in a museum during half term is exhausting. 

3) On the recommendation of some classmates of mine, I have started to read Dracula. Amazing! How have I never read this before?

4) I learned the hard way that English mustard is not like American mustard, it's more like horseradish. 

5) The weather here has been absolutely amazing these last few days. Let's hope it stays that way!

6) I'm mistaken for a Canadian more than anything. 

7) My boyfriend and I stumbled upon a lady playing 16th century music on her flute in the Old City. Needless to say it was amazing.

8) I have found a Tesco that sells American products. I can finally fulfill my craving for Kraft Mac and Cheese!

9) I had an amazing brunch with Bobbi and finally signed up for the Photo Hunt today! Yay!

10) Excuse my brief absence from the blogging world this week. Life has been a little crazy. I've had a TON of reading to do, not to mention I'm starting to prepare my first proposal for my dissertation. AHHH!

Happy Friday!


  1. I have only ever gotten a few chapters into Dracula but perhaps I need to try again!

  2. The first few chapters of Dracula are so suspenseful and well written. The second half is slightly less well paced but I still love it! X

  3. Happy Friday! I am coming to Bristol for the weekend, can't wait :)

  4. I love finding American food! Tastes and feels like home!

  5. A woman painting with a flute, sounds amazing! Any American food products I find here are so expensive, its like teasing someone, you can see it but can't afford it.

  6. More and more Tesco's seem to be selling American products, most commonly chocolate and sweets though! And I'm sure you've already been but I love the sweet shop in The Galleries in Bristol! I Prefer British chocolate but American sweets!

    Kelly xx


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