Irish Fairies

18 May 2014


Nothing beats a good folktale told by a local.

It was in Kinvara that our tour guide told us about Irish fairies.
Fairies, he said, are not the Tinkerbell-like creatures the rest of the world imagines today.
Fairies are tricky little creatures that have the ability to place curses on you.
Unexplained phenomenon is blamed on the fairies, and even today superstitions about them are everywhere.

In 1999, a motorway was being built in the Irish countryside.
Legend said the land was the meeting place of the Galway and Kerry fairies. 
After hearing the story, the motorway construction workers refused to build any further, concerned a fairy curse would be placed upon them.
The motorway was rerouted, costing millions of Euros, so that the fairies would be undisturbed.
A fence now protects the fairy land.

In honor of the Irish fairies, here are some 'lost' pictures of my trip to Ireland.

Happy Sunday!


  1. My great grandfather was Irish and always had interested stories about the fairies. They truly believe in the superstition! Iceland is like that too, with a whole bunch of real daily superstitions.

  2. I love visiting island when my family took a trip there many years ago. I love how un-touristy it is in the Republic if not extremely windy and rainy!

  3. I absolutely love folklore stories! I'm so jealous of all your Ireland photos, I definitely want to go there one day it looks so beautiful.

  4. My grandpa's parents were Irish, and I have pictures of him as a baby in girl clothing because of the superstition that until a certain age fairies liked to take baby boys. x


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