Thoughts From Abroad | Part 29

09 May 2014

  • Wednesday's post was my 100th post! How crazy! I started this blog out of boredom last summer. I was working as a car dealership receptionist while waiting for my big move to England. I needed a hobby, thus Bristol In My Pocket was born!
  • I've really been enjoying 'Blog Every Day in May' this month! I've been rather busy lately, but BEDM has been a nice distraction for me! 
  • It's been beautiful here in England lately. Like the 'lay in the grass reading a book' kind of beautiful.
  • However, leaving my flat at least once a day is getting rather difficult with all the essay work I have to do. When will it ever end?
  • I had the pleasure of having coffee with one of the world's leading experts on Henry VII yesterday. It was so nice just sitting with her and my professor, discussing our love of all things Henry!
  • I had my last masters class this week! Once I turn in my essays next week, it's all independent dissertation work until September! 

Happy Friday!


  1. I had my 100th post a week or so ago and it was pretty shocking to realise how many posts I'd written so far!
    Here's to your 200th coming up ;)

  2. How wonderful to meet kindred scholarly spirits, that is one thing I miss about school myself.

    1. It's nice to be surrounded by other scholarly spirits :)

  3. How exciting that your classes are over! And congrats on 100 posts!

  4. Happy 100! When I first started my blog, I tried to blog every day to get into it, so I've got loads stored up in a year. I've definitely tapered them off though! I like your blog every day in may posts, it's nice to even have something small to look back on.

    1. Thank you! And yes, even though I'm not posting lots of words every day it's nice to have these pictures I'll look back on


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