Lacock Village

07 January 2015

Just a quick taxi ride down the road from Chippenham lies a quiet, quintessentially English village called Lacock. Located away from any trainlines, Lacock has escaped the Victorian expansion that happened to nearby towns such as Bradford-upon-Avon and Bath. Lacock is essentially a village frozen in time, despite it now being a major tour bus stopping point. 

If you have never heard of Lacock, don't worry, you've seen it before. You've seen it in Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth one of course), and Emma. But the village's history is far more impressive. An established town by 1086 with an abbey on its outskirts by 1232, Lacock was a thriving  medieval wool industry town. However, as the river began to dry up in the 18th century, Lacock essentially stopped growing. The town itself is left much as it was during the decline of its wool industry in the 1700s. Nowadays, the entire village is owned by the National Trust. Priority of living is given to families who can prove their family lineage to the town. 

10 points to your house if you name the Harry Potter movie this house was used in. 50 points if you know who was staying in it. 

Happy Wednesday!

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