A Texas Snow | Lubbock, Texas

10 March 2015

Shortly after moving back to Houston I booked a flight to Lubbock to visit my sister. Although in the same state, Lubbock is a nine hour drive northwest of Houston. I had done the drive plenty of times before (I lived in Lubbock while attending Texas Tech University), but the entire country was under a severe weather advisory. A flight seemed like the slightly safer option.

When I arrived at the tiny Lubbock airport I was surprised to see five inches of snow on the ground. To be honest, I think this might have been the most snow I have ever seen in my life! Although my sister and I spent most of our weekend inside with her new puppy, we did manage to brave the cold for a few pictures!

Snow in Texas has been a common occurrence since I moved back just a month ago. Who here is ready for Spring already?

Happy Tuesday!

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