A Weekend Getaway | Edinburgh, Scotland

03 March 2015

Back in January, I took a trip to Edinburgh for a few days before my big move. It was the perfect way to let go of all my stresses and anxieties about moving back to the states and just have fun. 

I had first been to Edinburgh back in 2011. The short 45 minute plane ride was a breeze, and before I knew it I was in freezing cold Scotland. Needless to say I was starting to question why I had picked Scotland for a mini break in the middle of January. 

My weekend consisted of lots of castles, lots of whiskey, and lots of art. It was perfect. I had forgotten how much I actually love Scotland. Because it was the middle of winter I didn't have to fight through crowds. I did however, have to watch our step. Scotland can get a bit icy in the middle of January! Here are a few pictures from the trip, more posts coming soon!

Happy Travel Tuesday!

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