Canyoneering | Costa Rica

19 March 2016

I would like to think I am a physically fit person. I work out on a semi regular basis and try to eat healthy. It was obviously however that my so called 'strength' was put to the test when we began our first adventure in Costa Rica, canyoneering in Lost Canyon. 

Let me back up for a moment. As I mentioned before, my friend Meagan and I decided to book our entire Costa Rican adventure through a travel agency called Desafio. After reading some AMAZING reviews online, we decided to make an inquiry. We emailed our agent back and forth for a couple of days before setting up a call to finalize the details. She knew exactly what we wanted. Beach day? Done. White water rafting? Done. When she asked if we would be interested in 'canyoneering' I said "SURE! Why not?!" without really understanding what it was. In my head, I was picturing us driving by a canyon and snapping a few photos. Then I Googled what canyoneering was and my jaw dropped. We had just signed up to rappel down waterfalls. 

When the bus came to pick us up on the morning of our canyoneering excursion, I have to admit I was nervous. We were geared up and given a quick demonstration of how to rappel. Seemed easy enough? Maybe I could do this!  Turns out canyoneering isn't the easiest of sports, but with the help of our guides I quickly got the hang of things!

The canyoneering adventure with Desafio was amazing. Not only were we rappelling down waterfalls, we were hiking through the beautiful Costa Rican jungle! They even threw a surprise or two in as well (which you can watch in my vlog below). If you are thinking about planning a trip to the La Fortuna area in Costa Rica, I highly recommend looking this amazing company up!

It was amazing to realize what I was capable of doing! 

Now I know I was a little late on the Costa Rican vlog, but better late than never! The vlog includes our Canyoneering and White Water Rafting through Desafio. Everything else I'll explain another day!

Have you ever done something completely out of your comfort zone when traveling?

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