An Introduction to the Austin Food Truck Scene

25 July 2016

It took me awhile to jump on the food truck bandwagon. In my head, food trucks were these dirty places that only had one or two choices. Why waste my money on something like that? After a trip or two to Austin, Texas I began to really understand why everyone is falling for the food truck craze.

If you think about it, food trucks have always been a thing. From the first regulation of food carts in America in 1691, to the Oscar Mayer Wiener car in 1936, food trucks have been an essential part of city eating for centuries. However, the modern fascination with gourmet food trucks began with the growth of social media. Now, people can easily track there favorite trucks and let all their friends know about it. 

Austin is considered one of the best Food Truck scenes. With over 2,000 trucks roaming the city on a daily basis, Austin is a food truck lover's heaven. My favorite? Paperboy. If you happen to find yourself in Austin, head down to 11th street for the perfect breakfast sandwich.

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