Jacob's Well | Texas Hill Country

12 July 2016

Tiny raindrops hit the windshield. The day before had been beautiful. Hot, but beautiful. Instead of the sunshine and heat we had been hoping for, we were given clouds and rain. 

That didn't stop us though. Elle and I bring out the adventurous side of each other. It's what makes our friendship so amazing! After meeting through the blogging community and essentially living the same lives (both went to the same undergraduate university, both moved abroad to Bristol, both ended up back in Texas), we had made the conscious effort to begin exploring some of our "Texas Bucket List" places. Jacob's Well happened to be on both of our lists. 

Elle and I had reserved our spot at Jacob's Well weeks in advance. We made the hour long drive from Austin to Wimberley just in time to be some of the first people there. Although attendance is limited to 60 people every two hours, we wanted to beat the majority of those crowds and get that oh so famous jumping photo (see below). 

 Jacob's Well has always been a well known spot amongst Texans. Recently however, with the help of Pinterest and Instagram, this natural well has become an Internet sensation. At 12 feet across and 120 feet deep, Jacob's Well is one of the deepest underwater caves in all of Texas. Thousands take the plunge into the well each year, sometimes at a cost. This tiny spring is also one of the most deadly places to dive in America. But don't worry, due to the force of the spring pushing upwards, it is almost impossible to dive to the bottom unless geared with proper diving equipment. 

I decided to break out my GoPro for our Jacob's Well adventure. Other than capturing some of these awesome underwater shots, I also shot a video! What do y'all think, should I break out the GoPro a little more often?


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