Das Peach Haus | Fredericksburg, TX

06 January 2017

Deep in the heart of Texas lies the peaceful town of Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg, famous for its beautiful vineyards, also posses a unique German-Texan charm brought by German immigrants in the 19th century. Although we were in Fredericksburg for the wine, the girls and I decided to make a stop by the best place for fresh preserves in all of Texas. 

As we pulled up we soon realized Das Peach Haus was more than just a store. Surrounded by acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country, this little store had a charm like no other. We were instantly welcomed by the friendly staff as we tasted the wide variety of preserves, salsas, and wines. From tasting the original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce to peach wine, my tastebuds were in heaven. 

The store itself was impressive, but the staff graciously invited us to wander the grounds as well. With lots of outdoor seating and the most beautiful view in all of Texas, Das Peach Haus easily became our favorite little store in Fredericksburg. 


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