How To Spend a Day in Galveston, Texas

02 August 2016

Unless you live in Texas, not many people consider Galveston as a tourist destination. With its mirky waters and extreme heat it can often be overlooked as a place to vacation to. I was recently given the opportunity to spend the perfect day in Galveston with the Galveston Convention and Visitor Bureau where I was introduced to some amazing thing Galveston has to offer - some I didn't even know about! I learned a lot about this amazing historic city, and would suggest a trip to anyone traveling to the Houston area! So if you do end up in Galveston, here is how to spend the perfect day!

Galveston has numerous beaches along the historic seawall, however Stewart Beach stands out more than the rest. Name one of the top ten family beaches in 2013, Stewart Beach is clean, has great parking, and is home to one of the Bucket Brigade Tours. Start the day off at Lifeguard Station 6 with  a few marine biologists learning all about beach wildlife. The Bucket Brigade's mission is educate the public on the nature on Galveston beaches, and rightly so! There is so much you can do to help save this ecosystem. This 45 minute tour takes you from the sand dunes to the water where you may discover something new and exciting!

After the Bucket Brigade Tour, make the short drive down to Pier 21. Here you can catch a Dolphin Sightseeing Tour with Galveston Water Adventures! Not only are you going to see dozens of dolphins, you'll also get an up close look at a variety of amazing ships! First stop is the SS Selma, one of only 12 concrete ships ever made. Although she lays in ruin she is still a popular spot for fishing.

Turn your head slightly to the east and you'll see one of the busiest ship channels in the country. The Houston ship channel sees a constant stream of cargo ships moving through, even the dolphins like to play with these big bad boys! On the way back to land you'll see another surprising ship to call Galveston home. The USS Cavalla is a WWII submarine best known for sinking a Japanese aircraft carrier. Lastly, you'll cruise by a few CRUISE ships. If you listen carefully you can hear the music onboard carry across the water.

By this time you've probably worked up an appetite. Pier 21 is full of fun seafood spots, but one of the most iconic is Fisherman's Wharf. Originally a shrimp factory, the restaurant developed over time into a fantastic seafood dining experience.

After that, leave your car at Pier 21 and walk a few blocks down to Post Office Street. Less crowded than the Strand, Post Office Street has a vibe unique to Galveston. From there you can explore the Grand 1894 Opera House.

Named the "official opera house of Texas", the Grand has survived every hurricane since its birth. This extravagant building is really like taking a step back in time. As it is not a attraction known to many you'll have the chance to explore this historic building all by yourself.

As a native Houstonian, I thought I had seen everything there was to see in Galveston. The Galveston Convention and Visitors Bureau proved me wrong! Although I was offered these activities free of charge, all opinions are my own. I HIGHLY suggest spending an afternoon in gorgeous Galveston if you're ever down this way!


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  1. Thanks for the great tips--I've been to Galveston once, but now I look forward to going back and checking out what we missed the first time!


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