Habourside Market | Bristol

29 September 2013

Having lived in Bristol for two weeks, I figured it was about time to walk around one of the many local markets. The Harbourside Market, a Saturday and Sunday market, was having a special brunch theme today, showcasing local cuisine. I, of course, was all over that.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a Mexican taco stand. I had tried some local Bristol Mexican food previously, but nothing had been up to par with the foods I love back home. El Greengo, however, satisfied all my Mexican food cravings. Owned by two part time teachers, El Greengo's taco stand is a regular at all Bristol markets. I made sure to immediately follow them on twitter so I know when and where they'll be next.

The El Greengo's menu was completely vegetarian. This, of course, works out perfectly for me as I am a pescatarian. They were incredibly friendly people and I look forward seeing them again in the future. 

I loved browsing through the many book stands along the market. Seeing as I have no TV and have no intention of getting one, I bought a few books to read for my entertainment.

The whole point of markets are to eat as much as possible, right? Yay for homemade churros!

Today was such a beautiful day for my first Bristol market experience! I can't wait to make this a Sunday tradition. 


  1. I love love love that I randomly came across your blog - Bristol is my hometown and I love seeing how other people see it so your blog really makes me smile.
    Hope you are enjoying Bristol so far - I see you checked out the wills building my favourite in Bristol by far.

    1. Welcome to my blog! I loveeee Bristol so far! I actually have a class in the Wills Memorial Building. I feel so proper in there! Lol

  2. this looks absolutely stunning, bristol sounds like a fairytale place :)
    thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. so glad i found myway back here! xo

  3. So jealous that you were able to find mexican food! When I was in France it didn't exist at all!


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