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25 September 2013

Today I have linked up with True Colours and other travel bloggers by participating in Wanderlust Wednesday! This month's topic is something that I happen to be an expert on (literally, I have a degree in this): History.

In my opinion, history and travel go hand in hand. Neither is as important without the other. 
How can you possibly understand history without seeing its impact on the world? 
How can you travel without understanding the importance of your destination's past? 

For those of you who are new to my blog, I have just recently moved across the Atlantic to pursue a Masters degree in History. Bristol is a wonderful city and I am enjoying life as an expat here in England. That's why I decided to pick up my camera and share with you the history of one of Bristol's oldest buildings.

It's hard to miss Bristol Cathedral. Located just a block away from my flat, the cathedral stands tall on College Green watching over all the students and locals who relax on the grass.

The original structure of Bristol Cathedral was built around 1140, however, little remains of that building today. Parts were added on throughout the years until construction stopped in 1539, an attempt by Henry VIII to minimize the power of the Catholic Church in England. The English Reformation was a difficult time for churches throughout England, as practices and laws were ever changing. In 1542, the church was named a cathedral by Henry VIII, under the new Church of England. Construction continued with major renovations taking place in the late 19th century. The structure that stands today was completed in 1888.

During my time as an undergrad, I spent over a year studying the English Reformation and the events leading up to it. This building is a beautiful representation of the history I have spent so long learning.

I'd like to thank True Colours and Lost in Travels for featuring my blog, as well as all the new readers I have gained this past week! I'm still settling in, and will start to blog on a more regular basis once I feel a bit more comfortable with my new city!


True Colours


  1. Hope you're settling in well! Bristol's a lovely city - I go there now and then for work. Nice to come across a fellow new travel blogger! :)


  2. Beautiful church! And so glad you linked up :)

  3. Since moving to Europe, I've consistently kicked myself for not paying more attention in history. You are so smart to have equipped yourself with those skills.


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