Arnos Vale Cemetery

13 November 2013

Today marks my two month anniversary in Bristol!
Crazy, right?
I've been living in England for two months now and it feels like no time at all.

One of my favorite things about living in England is the close proximity to history. History is everywhere, and as a MA History student it's my job to take advantage of it.
Having learned from my mistake at Hereford Cathedral, I made it my priority to bring my camera on our class trip to Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol.

Arnos Vale Cemetery was established in 1837 as a 32 acre cemetery. Now, at 45 acres, it houses more than 300,000 souls (both buried and cremated). The cemetery is overgrown and rugged, very unlike cemeteries in the United States. By maintaining a wildlife feel, Arnos Vale holds unique British character. In the 1960s, little was being done to care for the property. It was under serious threat of being shut down. However, the Bristol locals made it their mission to keep it open.

In order to keep the cemetery open and successful, Arnos Vale now holds weddings, yoga classes, art festivals, and other public activities. It even houses a cafe with wi-fi. The property is so large that you can still buy plots today.

Happy Wednesday!

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