German Christmas Market | Bristol

17 November 2013

The best thing about living in Europe during the holidays?
The markets. They are everywhere. The German Market in Bristol was one of the first Christmas markets to be set up this holiday season. If you haven't noticed by now, I love getting into the holiday spirit. So I brought a couple of friends along with me to check out the market.

There was live Christmas music, beer, and crepes. 
It was perfectly German. 
The only downside? These pictures were taken at 4 in the afternoon! It's crazy how dark it's getting here in England!

Happy Sunday!


  1. These markets look so fun! I went to the markets in Southbank on Friday and I was in heaven! I love Christmas time

  2. Right? I cannot get over the darkness so early. We just had a lightbulb go out and will have to replace it tomorrow but for now it is so dark! So glad to hear the Bristol one is open already. I'm looking forward to the one in Bath opening and then going to London. If you have not yet, you have to go to the big one in London. We went two years ago and had such a great time.

    1. I'm going up to London in couple of weeks and I'll make sure to stop by! As for Bath I've heard AMAZING things about the Christmas Market and I'm going to try and make a day trip out of it!


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