Thoughts From Abroad | Part 14

17 January 2014

1) I'm almost tempted to say Bristol has skipped winter and gone straight to spring. It's been beautiful here lately!

2) However, I would like just one major snow this year. Just one BIG snow so I can go sledding for the first time.

3) And it's also been raining. Nonstop. I don't mind the rain here because it never rains for more than an hour straight. 

4) My American Horror Story Asylum experience so far:

5) I should probably start reading things for my dissertation now that I have a little free time...

6) I went into Primark and bought one item. I'm learning self control.

7) I need to plan a day trip for sometime this week. Any suggestions of places to go around the Bristol area?

8) If you haven't seen this video, you're missing out. Bad British Commentary

9) I have come to the realization that the most deadly animal in England is the cow... Just think about that.

10) I was pleased to see the History MA gang last night. We are all slowly trickling back to Bristol, and there's nothing better than discussing possibilities of us all failing our essays over drinks.

Here's a picture of me being a cool kid back in the day.
Happy Friday!


  1. You could go to Cardiff for the day from Bristol, and then you'd be able to say you've spent time in Wales. xx

    1. I'm going to a concert in Cardiff in March, but probably won't see much of the city then. It really isn't that far and I might just do that!

  2. Check out Oxford, if you haven't been yet!
    And, Dover may be a bit too far away, but def. worth a visit!

  3. 1. Gloucester Cathedral
    2. Chepstow Castle and Tintern Abbey
    3. If one of your friends has a car - Avebury (Megalithic stones, Manor, Museum, Parish Church, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow) stopping off at the Polly Tea Room in Marlborough. Best later in the year though.
    4. Cirencester
    5. Warwick Castle.
    6. Stratford-on-Avon
    7. Berkeley Castle
    8. Bath is a must but I assume you have been there already.

  4. Warwick castle is fun! Little touristy but a fun day if it's nice weather. It's cool to go just for the birds of prey and jousting!

  5. Okay you actually made me giggle aloud when you said Bristol has skipped winter! I'm a Bristolian and after 20 years here I can tell you the winter will be back! February is normally a very cold month here and normally when we get our sprinkle of talcon powder (Bristol doesn't get proper snow :( )
    Love your blog, just found it today through Zoella and I've fallen in love xx

    1. Thanks for reading! Everyone keeps on telling me "It'll get worse, just you wait". Lol. If it does get worse I just want one snow because I've never been sledding and Bristol just seems perfect for it! Lol

  6. I randomly stumbled on your blog and let me tell you, it is great! I wish there was something like it last year when I first lived abroad. Looks like you're having an amazing time in Bristol and it makes me want to go visit it! I lived in Wales last year while doing my master's and now live in Ireland this year for another program and definitely recommend visiting both if you have a chance! And I totally know what you mean by missing out on snow. It snows a lot at home, so all this green grass and rain year round is just a strange concept to get use to!


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