Clifton Suspension Bridge | Bristol, England

14 January 2014

The last few days have been kind of weird for me. 
Weird in the sense I was sleeping until 2 in the afternoon and only getting out of bed for food. 
I blamed it on jet lag, telling myself it was okay, I'll get back on schedule soon.
But I realized today that it wasn't jet lag. The reason I felt so crappy was because I had been sitting on my butt for the last few days watching hours and hours of American Horror Story. 
So when I woke up at 1pm today (oh the joys of having a break from school), I made a conscious effort to actually get up and go do something. 

It was such a gorgeous day I decided to catch a bus up to Clifton Suspension Bridge. I would have walked, but who am I kidding? I wanted a little fresh air not a mountain hike. 

Clifton Suspension Bridge is 245 ft above River Avon. It was finished in 1864, making 2014 its 150th anniversary year. 
I have crossed it twice, once by foot and the other by car, so didn't feel the need to walk across today. The area surrounding the bridge is absolutely beautiful and I found myself wandering around for an hour or so. 

It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for you!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Sara, what a lovely place to visit! I am so jealous of all the's dead and brown where I am right now. This certainly feels like a breath of fresh air from where I sit :)

  2. I am addicted to American Horror Story. Are you all caught up on the latest season? x

    1. Yep! I watched season 1 first, then went straight to season 3, now I've back tracked and I'm watching season 2.


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