Thoughts From Abroad | Part 22

14 March 2014

1) Being Spring Break in America and all, there was an insane amount of Americans on our visit to London. I swear, I heard more American accents than British ones.

2) I've decided Leah came to England this week solely for the purpose of making shadow puppets with me at 9:30pm on a Thursday evening. We're exciting people, I know.

3) It's been SO nice to have my best friend visit me. Leah is the first person to come visit, and I had so much fun showing her all the cool places and amazing things I do here. Unfortunately, she heads back to Atlanta tomorrow.

4) While we did see the sights, the majority of Leah's visit consisted of sitting in cafes and asking people "what's your wifi password". 

5) Nothing is better than trying your best "British accent" with another American in England.

6) I finally have a picture of me and Jon (the boyfriend)! If you want to see how much of a rocking couple we are, check out my Instagram here

7) It didn't rain once this week.

8) I bought an awesome Hogwarts shirt from Primark. I feel like such a badass when I wear it. 

9) I'm starting to panic slightly about essays for this term. What's the point of essays? I need to focus on my dissertation! 

10) Want to sponsor Bristol in my Pocket? Go have a look at my Sponsor page y'all! 

A preview of my trip to Bath with Leah.
Happy Friday!

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  1. I just got back from Mexico and it's spring break crazy out there! xoxo
    The perks of being a hipster

  2. I can't wait for some of my friends to visit me, I bet it has been so great to have your best friend around!

  3. I want to see this Hogwarts shirt! x

  4. I loved it when my best friend came to visit, it's so fun sharing the little things with someone else. She was also amazed at how much makeup girls wore in England to just go shopping haha.

  5. It was the greatest when my best friend came to visit and we also spent a lot of time asking for wifi passwords in cafes haha

  6. I really want to visit this place! Looks so good

    x Jeremie |


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