Six Months in Bristol

13 March 2014

"I love Bristol because it knows who it is.
It's cool and cosmopolitan and it doesn't compete with other cities.
Bristol is happy dancing to the beat of its own drum."
- Stephen Merchant

Today marks my six month anniversary in Bristol!
When I decided to move to England, I originally wanted to move to London. I had lived in London for six weeks in 2011 and loved it. But I decided to pick Bristol, a city I had never visited before, because of its amazing university and lower cost of living.
I had no idea what I was in for.

Bristol is fun, exciting, beautiful, and crazy.
Bristol can feel like both a big city or a small town, depending on where you go.
The people are friendly and more than welcoming to an expat like myself.

So here's to the past six months.
And falling in love with this amazing city.

Treasure Tromp

Happy Thursday!


  1. Congrats on the 6 month anniversary! Today marks my 5th month in Iceland. I have been told the first 6 months are the hardest so your are there!

  2. Happy 6 months! I love that Bristol quote! x

  3. cool pic, congrats!!!

  4. Happy 6 months! I loved Bristol and London is close enough to visit ;)

  5. Congrats, that's awesome and Bristol looks like a great place to live!

  6. Bristol is a beautiful place. I'm glad you are enjoying living there so far! I hope you have many more good months in Bristol to come!

  7. 6 months already?! Wow that went so fast! Congratulations on your anniversary! x

  8. Ah, oh how time flies! You are definitely cherishing it!

  9. Happy anniversary! I love reading your blog as I used to live in Somerset and work in Bristol until I moved to Australia last August to live with my other half. I love seeing all the places I used to visit all the time and also seeing what is new in that fantastic city (I also miss it lots too)


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