St. Paul's Cathedral | London, England

17 June 2014

If you haven't noticed, I've been posting a LOT about London lately.
The reason? 
I've spent 3 out of 4 weekends this past month in London. 
Whether it's for research, a family vacation, or just visiting friends, I've spent a lot of time in London recently.

London's not far from Bristol.
Only about an hour and 45 minute train ride.
So when a friend from my old study abroad days (who now studies at the University of Kent) wanted to have lunch, London seemed like the perfect place to meet up.

I haven't seen Rachel for three years.
In fact, she's only the second study abroad friend I've been able to spend time with since 2011. 
(You can check out my visit to Oxford with Ariana here). 
We had lunch, caught up, and then wandered around the Southbank with her boyfriend.

Since Rachel and Corey are heading back to the states in a week, we decided to do something in London none of us had done before: Visit St. Paul's Cathedral.

The original church dates back to the 6th century. 
However, the building has burned down a total of four times.
The building that stands today was constructed in the 17th century, and is one of the biggest churches in the world.

Sadly, you are not allowed to take pictures inside.
So, instead, I decided I would show you the lovely area that surrounds St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Happy Tuesday!

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