Cabot Tower | Bristol, England

22 June 2014

For the past 8 months I've been plucking up the courage to climb Cabot Tower.
I'm not afraid of heights, so that wasn't the problem.
The problem was I am terrified of small spaces.

I am extremely claustrophobic. 
Sometimes, I have trouble breathing when people hug me too long.
Yeah, it's bad. 
So the idea of climbing 100 steps in a stairwell that can barely fit one person terrified me.
I decided the best time to climb Cabot Tower was first thing in the morning, before anyone else was there. 

Cabot Tower was built in 1898 in celebration of the 400th anniversary of John Cabot discovering Newfoundland. 
105 feet tall, it stands at the top of Brandon Hill
The view from the top is breathtaking, allowing a 360 degree view over Bristol. 

Cabot Tower is open every day from dawn until dusk.

Happy Sunday!

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