Kensington Palace | London, England

31 July 2014

 Our trip to Kensington Palace happened by complete accident.
During our 24 hour stay in London for archive research, J and I did a fair bit of wandering around (obviously for the sake of our sanity). We found ourselves in Kensington, a place neither of us were too familiar with. Within minutes we were walking past Kensington Palace. Despite the fact we decided not to go inside (tickets are 14 pounds and let's face it, we're cheap students), we took full advantage of the free gardens and sites surrounding the palace. 
Kensington Palace was built in 1605. It was then purchased by the royal family in 1689, thereupon expansions began. The palace is famous for being the birth place of Queen Victoria, and being heavily bombed during WWII. Kensington Palace is now the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry.
J is becoming notorious for his back photos, wouldn't you say?

Happy Thursday!

What royal palaces have you been to?

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