Avebury Stone Circle | Wiltshire, England

17 January 2015

During the coldest week since moving to England, my best friend from Texas came to visit. Lauren and I stayed the night in London before coming back to Bristol for a few days. For one of those days, I booked us a trip with Mad Max Tours, a company recommended to me by Elle, that girl I mention in literally every other post. Love you, Elle!

Mad Max Tours, based in Bath, is a small tour company with exceptional service. After a hectic morning that resulted in 2 delayed trains and 1 canceled one, Lauren and I barely made it to the meeting point. Luckily, we made friends with an Australian couple on the train who had also booked the tour. The second we reached Bath the Aussie man sprinted to the meeting point to let our guide know the rest of us (the three slower girls) were coming. However, our tour guide Kevin was extremely friendly and welcoming despite the fact we were 15 minutes late. Once we were finally on the bus (and completely out of breath) the fun began. The tour consisted of four stops: Avebury, Castle Combe, Lacock, and Stonehenge.

Avebury Stone Circle is located in the county of Wiltshire, the same county as Stonehenge. Unlike Stonehenge, the stones at Avebury were left untouched and unshaped, making it's features unique. Because the circle is less known, there is no admission price and no fences blocking you from the stones. Hugging the stones is fully encouraged.

Avebury is actually considered to be a more impressive accomplishment than Stonehenge in the academic community. Much larger, Avebury was placed on a natural energy line, the stones representing male and female. With barely any tourist, Avebury is perfect if you're looking for those up close and personal pictures you can't get at Stonehenge!

When Kevin pointed out the Devil's Chair, aka the supposed gateway to hell, Lauren and I wasted no time to climb up onto it. Obviously we aren't phased by superstitions. 

Have you been to any other World Heritage Sites?

Happy Saturday!

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