Stonehenge | Round 2

22 January 2015

A little while back I visited Stonehenge for the first time. It was cold and rainy and rather windy. The Visitor Centre was still being built and the gift shop was too crowded to even attempt to go inside. On my second visit however, the sun was out and the Visitor Centre was complete. While still the dead of winter, my experience was already 10x better than my trip last year!

Stonehenge was our final stop on the Mad Max Tour which also took us to Castle Combe, Avebury, and Lacock. Having been to Avebury Stone Circle earlier in the day, I was interested to see the differences between the two sites. While both are vastly dissimilar in presentation, each offer a unique experience and are worth visiting on the same trip!

Getting to Stonehenge in the late afternoon meant less people and less of a wait for the buses. With the new Visitor Centre complete a mile down the road, you now have to catch a bus to the site rather than parking right next to the stones. The old parking lot and rather shabby looking gift shop have been torn down, returning Stonehenge to a natural setting. I'm all for this new system and think it works beautifully!

On the day we visited there had been 7,000 visitors! 7,000 in one day! If you are planning a trip, make sure to account for the large amount of crowds!

Happy Thursday!

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