Eating My Way Through Manchester

26 January 2015

Let's face it, one of my favorite things about being on vacation is eating whatever I want and not feeling guilty about it. While in Manchester back in December, I was amazed by the food scene. Every place we stumbled into turned out to be an amazing choice! Whether you are looking for a good brunch spot or something fast, Manchester has a variety of choices to fill any appetite. Here are some of my favorites (plus one that just made the American in me super happy).

BREAKFAST | Teacup Kitchen
After the 30 minute tram ride into Manchester from where we were staying, J and I were desperate for a good breakfast. Being a Sunday, most places were closed. We spotted a cafe that had just opened their doors for the day and immediately popped in. I was instantly impressed by the wide variety of tea they offered, however opted for a latte which didn't disappoint. Our food was equally amazing, earning a very bold statement from J: "That was literally the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had". By the time we left, every single table was full of customers enjoying a Sunday brunch.

LUNCH | The Splendid Sausage Co.
For lunch on the second day we opted to stay close to Manchester's City Centre. Having spent the morning walking around the Christmas Market, our appetite was eager for something hardy. The Splendid Sausage Co. turned out to be an excellent pick. Reasonably priced for the amount of food, make sure to come hungry! The cheese fries are particularly amazing!

Okay, so this isn't exactly a "Manchester" original, but I had been talking up Taco Bell to J for almost a year. Being my favorite fast food place back home, I was thrilled to see one in Manchester! Was it as good as I remember? Not really, but Taco Bell is a perfect filling for the afternoon munchies.

If you plan on visiting Manchester anytime soon, make sure to bring your appetite!

Happy Monday!

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