Castle Combe

03 February 2015

Castle Combe is a quite village just outside of Bath. With a population of about 300, the village itself is only accessible by car. It was our first stop on the Mad Max Tour which also took us to Avebury, Lacock, and Stonehenge. However, I saved this post by last for one simple reason… Castle Combe has become my favorite village in all of England.

Pretty bold statement, I know. But the minute you set foot in Castle Combe you are completely taken back in time. Although the village itself doesn't offer much (a pub or two, no shops) it is the perfect place for a country walk and a few hundred photos. The timelessness of this tiny village has made it the perfect location for movies such as War Horse and the 1967 Dr. Doolittle. Any sign of modern technology is hidden away to keep the village itself in a picturesque state. 

The morning of our visit happened to be the coldest day of 2014. Their was frost on the ground and every chimney was being used for a warm fire. We only spent an hour or so in Castle Combe, but that's all you need unless you're actually staying in the village. Tourists come by the bus load, so plan on making the trip early in the morning to have the village to yourself!

Sorry, not sorry about the overload of photos!

Happy Tuesday!

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